Born in Idaho in the early 50’s, I’m into technology.  I’m an active Amateur Radio Operator (Extra Class) into emergency communications, satellite comms, and digital modes.

My favorite activity is high power rocketry.

Lately, I’ve also been learning to tie parachute cord into useful items.   I’m pretty good at making paracord items so I’ve branched into jewelry design.  I work mostly with base metals (copper, brass, nickel silver, etc.) but I’m also designing items using precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, paladium, etc).  I enjoy working with my hands and my mind and making and creating beautiful items that please people.

I’m former President of the High Desert Amateur Radio Group:  www.hidarg.org   having served as President from 2011 to 2015 (4 years).

I’m also active politically as a conservative, I lean toward the Tea Party.  I’m for small Government and moral standards and I FULLY support the Constitution and I EXPECT our elected representatives to ABIDE by their OATHS of OFFICE to SUPPORT THE CONSTITUTION also!  If I can do it, they sure as hell can too!


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